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Joe was asked to weave willow quivers with local primary school St. Josephs and a large stag with fernery lee primary school for the production. This took little over a day’s work each and the children enjoyed it as well as Joe.

In Joe’s words, “I was able to work with small groups on this project which enabled so really fantastic, detailed weaving. I even had a few children wanting to be weavers when they grow up!”.

Working with primary school children was a really great experience. Children were able to come take part in the production and connected event like Todmorden country fair and tell family members and friends about what they had done. The productions as amazing and gained attention from the people of Todmorden. After the project had finished the massive willow stag was left in Center Vale park as a permeant instillation similar to other past projects joe has done like the willow bikes for when the Tour De France ran through Yorkshire in 2014.