Vegetable Hod Basket Course with Joe Gregory (Advanced course)- Friday 19th & Saturday 20th January 2024


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Time: 10.00am-4.30pm price: £190

Learn to weave this traditional English Willow Round Vegetable Hod Basket course is suitable for more advanced basket weavers. Used to store vegetables or fruit such as potatoes, carrots and apples. It can be stored on a surface and keeps the vegetables inside out of sunlight. It has a lid so veg can be added at the top and produce is taken from the mouth at the bottom, meaning the oldest produce is always taken first. A lovely, traditional and useful basket for the kitchen.

I originally learnt this basket from Yoeman and Master Weaver Eddie Glew and he inturn learnt it from his dad Peter Glew back in 2018.

This is a brilliant progession course developing skills on round baskets. Scaloming, openings, 4 borders, different whales, knife work, a lid, rope handle, different weaves on the basket too….

This course is limited to 6 students to make sure each student gets enough 1 to 1 time with me. If you have any questions please contact me about this course. It will be presumed you have woven a number of round baskets and understand basic weaves and how to weave a border before making this basket.

The willows tea and coffee shop on the ground floor of the building will be open during the course serving the finest ethical rainforest alliance coffee and teas, award-winning cakes and simple savouries.


Prior experience needed of round baskets, you must have good mobility in hands & feet & be able to stand whilst working.

Please wear old (non dangly) clothes, covered toe shoes (no sandals) & little or no jewellry.


Level- intermediate/advanced

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