Traditional Coil/Swarm basket – Thurs 7th & Fri 8th July 2022


Traditional Coil/Swarm basket

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Time: 10:00-4pm. Price £85-£190

This specialist 2-day course is suitable for beginners and intermediates. Learn coil basketry techniques to weave your own traditional honey bee swarm catcher, using English straw. An ideal course for those that keep or have a keen interest in our honey bees.

Traditionally honey bees were kept in a coiled straw basket called a Skep. Many of our town and family coat of arms have a skep on them. Straw has great thermal storage capacity making it an ideal material to house bees in and was used for this purpose right up until the late 20th century in the UK and across Europe.

Most bees are now no longer kept in these skeps, but it is still possible to use the technique to create a very useful bee swarm basket to house the bees for a short time while they are transported to their new hive.

Over the 2 days you can weave a swarm catcher or if you prefer a bee skep.

Course Booking Terms and Conditions:

Deposits are half the course fee and are non-refundable. Receipt of deposit secures your place. Because of the long process time to buy and prepare materials for your course, a course can be moved to another course date up to 4 weeks before the course start date and not after this time. When booking you are agreeing to these terms.