Miranda Cowan – Introduction to Besom Broom Making – Sun 14th November 2021 (morning session) – CWN



Time: 10am-1pm Price: £45 per person

Traditionally, besom brooms are made from the twiggy growth of the birch tree, and the craft was particularly strong in areas where birch coppices abounded. In other parts of the country, such as North Wales and Yorkshire, birch was frequently substituted by heather.
Traditional besom brooms are made from 100% natural materials.
Traditionally made and relied upon for centuries the best and only sweeper, especially for leaves on the lawn, for clearing worm casts, spreading molehills and for keeping pathways clear of shallow weeds by its ability to probe.

On this half day course you’ll get to make your own strong Besom Broom with locally sourced materials under the watchful guide of Miranda Cowan, who has practiced ecology and the delivery of environmental courses for 16 years, including corn dollies, green woodworking, wild foraging, woodland management, flora and fauna identification and field surveying

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