2 Day Irish Skib Basketry Course with Erica Adams – Thurs 10th & Fri 11th March 2022 – CWN FULL


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Traditional Irish Skib basketry 2 day course

We are pleased to be able to welcome Erica Adams to teach basketry here at Creative with Nature. she was originally booked to come teach in 2020, but a global pandemic put a temporary stop to that! Delighted a range of basketry courses have now been put together for the end of 2021 and throughout 2022 with Erica. We’re very happy to have her join us for some expert tuition.

It was basketry’s most famous weaver Joe Hogan, with his book Basketmaking in Ireland that brought the Irish potato basket back into everyday use in Ireland. Joe did a lot of research into traditional Irish baskets. One of them is the skib.

This most beautiful basket was used to strain and serve potatoes.

The potatoes were boiled in a big pot on the open fire, then strained outside through the skib. The basket was then brought inside and put on the table if the family had one. If not the skib would be put down on a stump of wood or the cooking pot, serving as a table essentially. The whole family would sit around and tuck in. This is one reason some of the skibs were so large. After the meal the basket was rinsed and hung on the outside wall to dry.

These extremely pretty baskets look amazing on a wall and make excellent serving platters. For beginners a standard Skib can be made in the 2 days. For those with more experience an inner compartment can also be added.

Course Booking Terms and Conditions
Deposits are half the course fee and are non-refundable. Receipt of deposit secures your place. See T & C page for full terms and conditions