1 Day Willow Whips & Crosses course with Erica Adams – Fri 28th Jan 2022@ CWN


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Time: 10.30pm-4.30pm price: £85

Willow Whips & Crosses course with Erica Adams
Traditionally the changing seasons were greeted with hand crafted items to welcome the new season.
It’s been wonderful to see over the last 10 years how crafts have been growing a real renaissance. More and more people are wanting to know and understand how to make things. The idea to craft something that’s purpose is purely celebrational and people wanting to do that again is incredibly pleasing to us professional crafters. very often these items are quick to make and don’t take lots of skill, learnt over years.
January will be cold and dark so let’s prepare for the Spring again by weaving these traditional polish whips and Irish st. bridget crosses.

This fun 1 day course suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Classes are friendly and informal. Everyone is welcome!

Course Booking Terms and Conditions:
Deposits are half the course fee and are non-refundable. Receipt of deposit secures your place. See T & C page for full terms and conditions