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 by Gavin Maginty on Creative With Nature | Willow Weaving
Absolutely fantastic course

Absolutely fantastic course from an inspired and experienced teacher. The whole experience was very well thought through, with differentiation built in depending on ability/ confidence. I felt fully supported through the whole process and came out with a fantastic looking log basket and a sense of real achievement. It has inspired me to continue my learning journey in working with willow and will no doubt return for some more training at some point.

 by Jacquie Finney on Creative With Nature | Willow Weaving
Had a great time

Had a great time on a two day log basket course with Joe. She was very patient and I learned a lot, came home with a great log basket and a bucketful of enthusiasm to continue. Throughly recommend

 by Andrea Tudor on Creative With Nature | Willow Weaving
Kindled a little fire

I loved these two days. As a complete beginner, at the end of day one I wondered how any of us would ever come away with a basket worth having, yet by the end of day two, like magic, we each had a log basket to be really proud of! The course was well planned and paced and Joe, as well as being a lovely person, is such a good teacher. She explained everything so well and so simply, yet not in the slightest bit patronising, just encouraging, reassuring and very complimentary about all our efforts. Thank you Joe, you've certainly kindled a little fire

 by Helen Lord on Creative With Nature | Willow Weaving
A Really Great Course

A really great course. A room of people who had never made baskets before, yet after two days we had all created something beautiful. Joe is an excellent teacher, very clear, spreading her time equally between everyone, and sharing her great depth of knowledge and enthusiasm generously. I would have considered this a bargain at twice the price

 by Avril Banks on Creative With Nature | Willow Weaving
Brilliant 2 Day Course

Brilliant 2 day course, I had only made one basket previously, and was delighted witht the log basket I was able to make over the weekend . Joe is a great teacher, I learned loads, and it has definitely whetted my appetite for more!

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