Joevanka Gregory is an Artist and Willow Sculptor based in Todmorden, on the Lancashire, Yorkshire boarder, North West England.

About her work she says ‘I’ve been weaving with Willow for about 12 years, initially as something physical and creative to help me get over a long illness. I quickly became quite obsessed, a wonderful natural material to work with, always forgiving and so very strong. I love in my sculptural pieces how the Willow moves and weaves like muscles and sinew through the body. And I love the contrast of sculpture to basketry, from free flowing forms to rigid patterns and back again. I look to the future and the possibilities are endless………..’

Joevanka creates Sculpture and Art Basketry in her Studio and works regularly with schools, companies, voluntary and public sector organizations and teaches people of all ages and abilities to create inspiring and transformational projects and art.

For more information please contact Joe.